24V Powered Kids Ride On Electric Scooter with Helmet Knee Pads, 24v Ride on Toy Car for kids, Spray Function,200w Motor, Pedal Control, USB, Music,200W, 5.59-6.84MPH Ride on Cars for Boy or Grils 6+


Introducing the ultimate adventure companion for young thrill-seekers - the 24V Powered Kids Ride On Electric Scooter! This dynamic ride-on toy car is designed to provide endless hours of excitement and fun for boys and girls aged 6 and above. Packed with exciting features and safety measures, it's the perfect choice for outdoor playtime.

Exciting Features:

Powerful 200w Motor: Zoom through the neighborhood at speeds ranging from 5.59 to 6.84 miles per hour, offering an exhilarating riding experience for kids.

Safety Gear Included: Ensure peace of mind with the included helmet and knee pads, providing essential protection for young riders as they explore and play.

Spray Function: Stay cool and refreshed on hot days with the built-in spray function, delivering a refreshing mist for added comfort during rides.

Pedal Control: Maneuver with ease using the pedal control system, offering responsive handling and intuitive operation for young riders.

Entertainment Options: Connect your favorite tunes via USB and enjoy music on the go, adding an extra layer of fun to every ride.

Suitable for Boys and Girls: Designed for children aged 6 and above, this ride-on toy car is perfect for both boys and girls, offering endless adventures and excitement.


Battery: 24V
Motor: 200w
Maximum Speed: 5.59-6.84MPH
Recommended Age: 6+
Safety Gear: Helmet, Knee Pads
Entertainment: USB Music Connectivity
Control: Pedal Control
Get ready for thrilling outdoor adventures with the 24V Powered Kids Ride On Electric Scooter. With its range of exciting features and safety measures, it's the perfect choice for young riders looking to explore and play in style.

  • Safety First: Equipped with essential safety gear including a helmet and knee pads, parents can trust that their child will be protected during every ride, ensuring peace of mind for caregivers.

  • Exciting Features: From its powerful 200w motor to its refreshing spray function, this ride-on scooter offers an array of exciting features that will keep kids entertained for hours on end, making it an excellent choice for outdoor playtime.

  • Easy to Control: With intuitive pedal control and responsive handling, this scooter is simple for kids to operate, allowing them to confidently navigate their surroundings while developing important motor skills.

  • High-Quality Construction: Crafted from durable materials, this scooter is built to withstand the rigors of active play, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment for your child and providing excellent value for money.

  • Versatile Fun: Suitable for both boys and girls aged 6 and above, this ride-on scooter offers endless opportunities for adventure and exploration, making it the perfect gift for any young rider looking to experience the thrill of outdoor play.