uhomepro Portable Freestanding Electric Heater Fireplace, 3D Portable Electric Heaters with Realistic Flame Effect, Carry Handle, Space Heaters Fireplace Heater for Indoor Use


uhomepro Electric Fireplace is a portable and durable electric fireplace heater that will heat up your place quickly. With 3D technology, this electric space heater could provide you the ambiance of real fire which can make your winter full of warmth. Durable metal appearance and vintage design with panoramic viewing glass, uhomepro Fireplace is not simply a heater, but also a secret weapon to get your house leveled up on Christmas Day. Just come and order it.

1. 3D Realistic Flame Effect

The fire flickering in the electric fireplace diffuses a realistic and pleasant light in the room. Besides being warm, it also brings you a pleasant atmosphere of conviviality and romance.

2. Warm and Comfortable

Dimensions of the electric fireplace -11.93x6.89x14.72in (L x W x H). uhomepro Fireplace is an effective space heater with the appearance of a charming antique stove. The 1500/750 watts powerful heating capacity in this fireplace can warm a medium-sizeroom within minutes.

3. Vintage and Elegant

Our electric heater fireplace features a wooden frame and faux leather handle as well as the 1-sided panoramic viewing glass and a tempered glass door that you can actually open. Provide the ambiance of a real fire and match your home Christmas decorationby creating realistic dancing flames and burning log effects.

4. Gorgeous Flame Effect and Emulation Logs

The emulation log set and ember bed sit in a black fireplace box and feature a realistic dancing flame and burning log effect. Enjoy all year round fireplace view (with or without heat) but require no wasted time, effort, or money.

5. Safe and Trustworthy

uhomepro Fireplace is TUV certified, which means our products have passed all tests and met applicable standards for safety. If knocked over, overheating safety protection allows automatic shut-off to prevent potential fire incidents. As an added benefit,the heating module is underneath the main body so the top and sides are always cool to the touch.

6. Easy Install and Control

The room heater has been activated by simple knob controls. The control elements (a function knob and a temp knob) are placed on the right side of the fireplace, easy to use. All hardware included and no need to assemble.


  • It provides well-distributed heat without affecting the humidity of the air, sets a great calming ambiance
  • The dual-mode feature allows the fireplace to operate without heat or flame making it suitable use in all-season
  • Gorgeous flames create a cozy atmosphere of a traditional fireplace, this electronic fireplace emits lifelike flames that emulate a real fire


  • Product Name: Portable Electric Fireplace
  • Power settings: 750w/1,500w
  • Temperature: 50~90°F
  • Material: Iron, Glass, Wood
  • Work Decibel: Approximately 30~45dB
  • Product Weight: 7.61lbs/3.45 kg
  • Package Weight: 9.37lbs/4.25 kg
  • Dimensions: 11.93x6.89x14.72in/30.3x17.5x37.4cm(L x W x H)
  • Color: Black
  • Features: Auto-Shutoff, Overheat Protection, Control Panel Operation
  • Certifications: TUV
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Electric Fireplace
  • 1 x User's Manual
  • Reliable and Safety - The fireplace heater fireplace is loaded with safety features like the overheat and tip-over shut-off switches as well as a cool-touch exterior. Owing electric fireplace, your worries shrink — no exposed flames, dangerouspilot lights, or hot stove surfaces. This appliance surface of our electric fireplace heater stays cool to touch, making it safe to operate around children and pets.

  • Quiet and Comfortable - Thermomate electric fireplace with the uniform heating feature, it can fill up the room with comfortable cozy temperature. The noise level is approximately 45dB, you won’t notice it even at nights. Just turn off the flameeffect with heat function only, you will have a sweet dream.

  • Energy Efficient - Central heating is a simple way to achieve better results with less cost of your energy and money. In many homes, certain rooms, like bedrooms, dens, and basements, may not be occupied all day long. With central heating you cancontrol the heated air to blow in certain sections or zones, so unoccupied space doesn’t get heated.

  • Heating Ventilation System - Fence air outlet at the electric fireplace's bottom, blowing/diffusing heated air from the element underneath without smoke, burning or dry-out air. As an added benefit, the fireplace stays cool-to-the-touch and issafe for the elderly, kids, and pets.

  • Elegant Home Décor for Christmas Day - Durable metal appearance and vintage design with panoramic viewing glass, uhomepro Fireplace is not simply a heater, but also a secret weapon to get your house leveled up in the Christmas Day. The flat topcould be used as a display stand for photos, decorations or any other items.

  • Cost Effective and Worry-Free - uhomepro Fireplace is a cost-effective, clean-energy alternative, providing your family a warm and comfortable winter ambiance. Please note that the “new smell” during your first use or after long-time storage isnormal and it will be gone within a few minutes. uhomepro Space Heaters a 1-year warranty on uhomepro series products and you can easily contact us via online for any questions.